Learn How to Give Effective Feedback Online

Provide valuable, constructive feedback in real situations, using a framework structured to be effective and lasting



As human beings, we often hunger for feedback. However, many people will tell you that when they do get feedback, it’s often because of something they have done wrong. This course is designed to help workplace leaders learn how to provide feedback any time that the message is due. Whether feedback is formal or informal, and whether it is provided to employees, peers, or someone else, there are ways that it can be structured to be effective and lasting. Learn why the way we deliver is feedback is important, how to deliver a message so that people accept it and make changes that may be needed, and how to accept feedback that we are offered.

This will help you know how to:

  • Explain why feedback is essential
  • Apply a framework for providing formal or informal feedback
  • Use descriptive language in delivering feedback
  • Describe six characteristics of effective feedback
  • Provide feedback in real situations

Course Content


Session One: Course Overview


Session Two: Definitions


Session Three: Speaking Clearly


Session Four: Communication Strategies


Session Five: Characteristics of Effective Feedback


Session Six: Receiving Feedback Graciously


Session Seven: Testing the Waters

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